Accessible Parking

Policy on Accessible Parking

Here is a useful summary document, from the County’s Department of Permitting Services.

The State of Maryland Accessibility Code

This document states parking requirements (more stringent than the Federal ones) for new construction for state and local government buildings and facilities in Section .07 B(3)(a)(i-ii); for new construction for all other buildings and facilities in Section .07 C(2)(d); and for parking space signage in Section .07 D.  Section .12 A gives explanatory material and illustrations of parking space signs.

The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration

The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration’s The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration’s Disability Parking web page (placards and license plates; requests for a Disabled Parking Space in a residential area).

Guidance on Parking at Private Residential Facilities

Accessible Parking: What Every Montgomery County Property Manager, Condominium, and Homeowners Association Needs to Know by the County Departments of Health and Human Services and of Permitting Services, the Office of Human Rights, the Interagency Fair Housing Coordinating Group, the Commission on People with Disabilities, and the Maryland Codes Administration.

The Montgomery County "Respect the Space" Campaign

The County has launched this new Initiative to help ensure that signage for disability parking spaces in Montgomery County complies with the State of Maryland's Accessibility Code adopted under the Public Safety Code. For questions, contact the Commission on People with Disabilities at 240-777-1252.