In Montgomery County, of people ages 10-29, teenagers, ages 15-19, make up the largest percentage of pedestrians who are at fault in collisions. And teenagers, ages 15-19, make up 51 percent of all underage pedestrian fatalities.

You can make a difference!

YOLO Walk Safe Campaign – To reduce the number of pedestrian crashes involving older teens in Montgomery County, MD, as well as to raise awareness of the risks of distracted walking and other dangerous pedestrian behaviors, the YOLO High School Pedestrian Safety Campaign and Toolkit was created. Click here to find out more! 

Safe Routes to School Ambassador – SRTS needs students like you to help champion walking and biking! There are several ways you can get involved in your community and at your school and make a real difference. Volunteers lead campaigns, organize bike and walk events, and assist with various other activities. To learn more click here.

High School Students’ Video Corner


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