About Us

Mission Statement

The Commission was established under law in 1972. The mandate of the Commission is to advise the County Executive, the County Council, the public, and agencies of the county, state and federal governments on issues concerning women in Montgomery County. (Montgomery County Code Sec. 27 – 29) The Commission’s mission is:

  • To advance women’s equal and full participation in the benefits, responsibilities, and opportunities of society through the acquisition of skills, information, and resources.
  • To harness the economic and political power of women, promote social inclusion, influence policies, and enhance the health and safety of women in the community.

In achieving its mission, the Commission:

  • examines laws, policies, practices and procedures, and
  • Supports policies and programs that promote the well-being of women, and
  • advises the County Executive, the County Council, the public, and the agencies of the county, state and federal governments on issues affecting women of Montgomery County, and
  • introduces seminars and workshops addressing issues ranging from personal growth and development to difficult life transitions, to career-related issues;
  • an extensive information and referral service linking clients to appropriate agencies, organizations and services.

Vision Statement

A Montgomery County (MD), where women and girls have equal and full participation in every aspect of community living and access to education, healthcare, and work advancement with political and economic power.


  • We believe that every person has equal value and dignity and should live and work in a safe and healthy community free from prejudice and discrimination.
  • We believe that every person should have equal access to resources, including information, healthcare, education, and the opportunity to participate and thrive.
  • We believe the voices of girls and women should be amplified to harness their collective power and demand equity, inclusion, and representation.

Commission Composition

The Commission is staffed by an executive director and program manager who works with a 15-member citizen advisory panel. Commissioners are appointed by the county executive and confirmed by the county council to serve three-year terms, without compensation.

Enabling legislation requires that nine commissioners be endorsed by organizations addressing the needs of women, and six must be individuals who apply on their own behalf. Commissioners are asked to contribute four hours per week in service to the Commission, identifying and investigating issues, advocating remedies and providing public education.



Arlinda J. Clark, Esq.

Isabel Argoti
 Vice Chair

Lindsey Turnbull
Second Vice Chair

Liz Richards

Jodi Danis

Ijeoma E. Enendu

Kathy Estrada

LaDonna S. King

Janet La Valle

Janet La Valle

Tondalayo Royster

Tonja Paylor

Betty Romero

Sheena Foster

Mital Gajjar

Jodi Finkelstein
Jodi Finkelstein, MSW
Executive Director