Montgomery County Code, Section 2-42B


Advises the Department of Permitting Services on the performance of its functions and recommends to the Director, the Executive, and the Council any steps necessary to improve the Department's performance.


The DPS Advisory Committee is comprised of 17 members (11 voting members) from civic, environmental and land use organizations, as well as representatives from the five regional Citizens Advisory Boards (CAB), and six nonvoting members nominated by the directors from the Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Housing and Community Affairs, Department of Transportation, Montgomery County Fire & Rescue Service, the Planning Board, and the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission. The County Executive designates one voting member each as chair and vice chair.

Advisory Committee Members

Voting Members

Note: There are currently two vacancies: East County CAB, and civic member.

  • Dean Packard, Chair
  • Neil Blanc, Vice Chair
  • Rexie Fernando
  • Wayne Jacas
  • Elizabeth Kellar
  • Kenneth Jones
  • Arquilla Ridgell
  • Sean Soboloski
  • Debra Wylie

The following Agencies and Departments have nonvoting member representatives on the DPS Advisory Committee:

  • Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection
  • Montgomery County Department of Transportation
  • Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service
  • Montgomery County Department of Housing and Community Affairs
  • Montgomery Planning Board
  • Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission  

Meeting Schedule

The DPS Advisory Committee will meet virtually at least four times a year.

The meeting schedule and agendas for 2022 and 2023:

Meeting Minutes

Note: Meeting minutes will be posted once approved by the board.

2022 Minutes

2019 Minutes


Sonya Burke
DPS Community Outreach Manager