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The ideas and opinions expressed during these presentations represent the views of the participants and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of MCFRS. Where personnel express ideas that are inconsistent with MCFRS policy and/or practice the viewer/listener is cautioned to follow established policies and practices.

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Past Episodes

  • Thumbnail of YouTube video - Episode 3: Safety 700

    Episode 3: Safety 700

    Air Date
    May 10, 2024
    Master Firefighter Amanda Collins
    Assistant Chief Adam Jones
    Captain Mike Weimer
    During this episode, you will hear from A/C Adam Jones and Capt. Mike Weimer on the Safety Office's Role in Safe Driving. Come participate in a discussion on safety-related "stuff" regarding collisions, the collision investigation process, how we got to where we are today, and what are some of the reasons we do what we do. This will be a great opportunity to better understand why we do what we do and to ask some questions about the process.
  • Thumbnail of YouTube video - Episode 2: CMF & Fleet Section

    Episode 2: CMF & Fleet Section

    Air Date
    February 14, 2024
    Master Firefighter Amanda Collins
    Assistant Chief Alan Butsch
    Daniel Dean
    Ernest Krouse
    Steven Neubauer
    Christopher Waters
    Want to know what you can do to prolong the service life of your apparatus and keep it out of the shop? Ever wonder why PMs take so long at CMF? Want to know what new initiatives CMF is trying to better serve you? Hear from Chief Butsch and his team on those topics and many more.
  • Thumbnail of YouTube video - Episode 1: Driver's Training

    Episode 1: Driver's Training

    Air Date
    January 10, 2024
    Master Firefighter Amanda Collins
    Lieutenant Richard Tatum
    Master Firefighter Steven Dodson
    Master Firefighter Steven Kreimer
    Master Firefighter Bryan Rojtas
    The premier episode reviews the MCFRS Driver Training Process and focuses on the many aspects of driver training including mentor and supervisor responsibilities.