Basic Training Minutes (BTM) Video Library


General Information

The BTM library uses a micro learning platform to provide and/or enhance ideas for training on relevant concepts from basic training concepts for company level operations, special operations, and other important topics that will result in efficiently, effectively, and safely doing our job. Microlearning provides the opportunity for training that is succinct and straightforward. This approach gives a unique level of control to the learner, allowing them to choose where and when they engage in training, ultimately resulting in a greater understanding, application, and retention by learners.

The BTM program also gives operations a chance to pick the most relevant topics affecting them in the field and create training that will help us all do our job better.

How the program works

We are currently accepting training videos from the field. If you have or want to host a training, complete the intake Jotform and Captain Wheeler will get back to you with details. When you're ready to record the training you can look at some quick tricks the IAFF published for shooting usable video on an iPhone .

If you have any questions about the program please reach out to Captain Shelley Wheeler.

Video Library