Montgomery County Fire & Rescue

Driver/Operator Certification Process

Take Required Classes

Complete requisite classes to enter Trainee status.  Prerequisites are established by MCFRS Policy 23-07AMII.

Apply and Obtain a Book

Before attempting to enter Trainee status, please check the list of prerequisites. Apparatus Operator Trainee Prerequisites

In order to receive a book for the type of apparatus you wish to operate, you must submit a completed   Driver Training Application and a non-certified copy of your Motor Vehicle Record.  One application form is required per vehicle type and the application must be signed by your officer. The Driver Training Application is good for one year. If an application was submitted more than a year prior, a new application must submitted. 

Books are available for the following apparatus:

  • EMS Transport Unit
  • Engine
  • Aerial - aerial ladder and aerial tower
  • Rescue Squad 
  • Tanker
  • Brush Truck

MD Online Records
DC Online Records
PA Online Records
WV Online Records
VA Online Records
DE Online Records

Complete an online application to coordinate receiving your Training Manual.  Be prepared to submit copies of your current non-certified driving during the online application process.  We can't accept a picture copy of the documents.  It must be a scanned copy. Once your supervisor and the Driver Training Program Manager approves your application, you will get an email notifying you of the status of your application along with electronic copies of your certification checklist, your training book, and instructions.

Driver Training may consider a record current if the copy you are currently submitting is dated withing the last 6 months and has been submitted to Driver Training during the previous 6 months for other administrative purposes.



Using the book corresponding to your apparatus:
-Finish Competencies
-Practice Evolutions Using PAGS
-Complete the required hours of routine driving – 1 Behavior Evaluation per 2 hours of driving
-Pass the in-station Area Knowledge Exam
-Complete the Written Assignment and have it reviewed by your Mentor

How do I schedule a written or practical apparatus operator written or practical exam?

Where can I find the available dates for written exams?
Take Written Test
If using a county computer, click to:  Register For Written Test
Candidates may email Driver Training directly to reserve a seat for a test.
Engine, Aerial, Rescue Squad, and EMS Unit tests are conducted monthly at the Public Safety Training Academy.

Written tests for Brush Trucks are conducted at the PSTA with the other apparatus written exams.

There is no written test for Tankers.

To identify potential test dates, go to:   Exam Scheduling

Tests may be taken before completing all book work.

A score of 70% or greater is required to pass a Written Test.

You must wait 30 days to retest if you score less than 70%.

Take Practical Test

How do I schedule a practical exam?   Guide for scheduling a practical exam

All practical exam requests must originate from the candidate's officer.  Email requests are preferred and should be sent to _FRSDriverTraining.
Engine, Aerial, Rescue, and EMS unit practical exams are conducted at the PSTA.
Tanker and Brush practical exams are conducted at the station by Driver Training Program instructors.

Emergency Response Evaluations

5 Emergency Response Evaluations For EMS Units
10 Emergency Response Evaluations For Engines, Aerials, and Rescue Squads
10 Emergency Response Evaluations for each TDA position - Driver and Tiller
No Evaluations Are Required For Tankers, Brush Trucks, Tow Vehicles, Support Units, or Buses



Notifications -- Submit Completed Certification Form

Original Document -- Employee
Scanned PDF copies to:

  • PSHQ
  • Station Supervisor File
  • Battalion Chief (Chief should notify Scheduling)
  • MCFRTA Driver Training Coordinator
  • Safety Section Assistant Chief
Incumbent  and Support Apparatus Checkouts

Existing apparatus operators seeking qualification on other breeds of apparatus or with support apparatus can locate certification documents on the Incumbent Resources Page.  This includes Aerials, Air Units, Command Posts, Decontamination Unit, Hazmat Unit, Medical Ambulance Bus, Trailer Towing, and other support or utility vehicles.

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