Montgomery County Fire & Rescue

Driver Training Knowledge Base


  General Fleet Info
  MCFRS Maximum Door Clearances For Each Station
  Alcoa Aluminum Wheel Heat Damage Indicator
  Five Major Apparatus Components  Presentation
  MCFRS Fire Apparatus Out-of-Service Criteria
  Winter Weather and Snow Chain Operations
 "Did You Know?" Bulletins
June 2016 Driving:  What's the Big Deal?
July 2016 Vehicle Safety Systems & Diesel Exhaust Fluid
August 2016 School's Back
September 2016 Hazards of the Fall
October 2016 Tread Depth
November 2016 Smith System
December 2016 Snow Chains
January 2017 The Big Squeeze
February 2017 Intersections
March 2017 Around The Station
April 2017 Parking Lots
May 2017 SIPDE:  Sense
June 2017 SIPDE:  Identify
July 2017 SIPDE:  Predict
August 2017 School's Back & SIPDE: Decide
September 2017 SIPDE: Execute
October 2017 Hazards of the Fall
November 2017 Snow Chains
December 2017 Vehicle Traction Control
January 2018 Driver Fatigue
February 2018 Intersections
March 2018 Snow Chains & Winter Weather Driving Tips
April 2018 Distractions
May 2018 Driving: What's the Big Deal?
August 2018 School's Back
August 2018 Spotters
September 2018 Communications
October 2018 Hazards of the Fall
November 2018 Procession Driving - Who Loves a Parade?
December 2018 Winter Weather Driving & Snow Chains
January 2019 Opposing Traffic
February 2019 Intersections
March 2019 Fatigue
April 2019 Around the Station
June 2019 The Big Squeeze
July 2019 Vehicle Safety Systems
August 2019 School's Back
September 2019 Hazards of the Fall
October 2019 Tire Tread Depth
November 2019 Winter Weather Driving
December 2019 Green Means GO
January 2020 Work in the Shadows
February 2020` Spotters
March 2020 Strange Days - COVID-19
May 2020 Viral Speed
July 2020 Communications
September 2020 Love a Parade
October 2020 Hazards of the Fall
November 2020 Intersections
December 2020 Green Means GO
March 2021 The Big Squeeze - diminishing clearances
April 2021 Around the Station
May 2021 Traction
June 2021 Fatigue
July 2021 Stop & Yield
 Engine Links
  2018 Rosenbauer Freightliner Brush Engine
  2018 Pierce Enforcer Engine - single source reference page
  Trident Air Primer "Did You Know" bulletin
  IMMI SmartDock SCBA Bracket "Did You Know" bulletin
  2008 Crimson Engine Vehicle Orientation
  Compressed Air Foam Systems Orientation
  Class B Foam Theory & Deployment
  Pumps and Hydraulics Misconceptions
  QMax Pump
  KVFD Engine 705 - 2014 Pierce Arrow XT; 1-14-4348
  RVFD Engine 703B - 2015 Pierce Arrow XT; 1-15-5236
  CJPVFD Engine 710 - 2020 Pierce Enforcer; 1-20-2102
 Aerial Links
  2021 Pierce Ascendant TDA - single source reference page
  RVFD Tower 703 - 2019 Seagrave/Aerialscope; 2-19-2008
  BVFD Truck 715 - 2016 Pierce Arrow XT; 2-16-6387
  SSVFD Truck 740 - 1995 Pierce Lance; 2-95-0380
  Pierce 2005 & 2008 TDA Pre-Trip and Operations MCFR Presentation
  Pierce All-Steer II Operator's Manual; rev. 2/06
  Pierce All-Steer 2007 Aerial Specifications
  Pierce TDA Operation and Maintenance Manual 2008
  Pierce TDA Stokes Basket Evolution  slideshow
  Stokes Basket Operations Using Aerial Devices; March 2014
  2016 Spartan ERV Tractor Drawn Aerials
  2016 Pierce All-Wheel Steer Aerial Towers
  2007 Pierce Dash All Steer Tower
  MCFRS Maximum Door Clearances For Each Station
 Rescue Links
  2021 Spartan/Rescue 717
  2020 Spartan/Rescue1
  Pierce Heavy Rescue
WVRS Rescue Squad 742 - 2015 Seagrave/Rescue 1; 4-15-2028
  BVFD Rescue Squad 715 - 2020 E-One; 4-20-3005
 EMS Units
  2016 Freightliner Ambulance MCFR
  2010 Freightliner Ambulance MCFR
  2007 Freightliner Ambulance MCFR
  EMS Transport Unit Bariatric Accessories
  Stryker Power Pro cot video
  Stryker Power Load video
  CJPVFD Ambulance 710 - 2017 Dodge/Horton; 3-17-5576
 Other Units
  2018 MCFR Freightliner Tanker
  Command Post 718; 2016 Freightliner; #16-3062
  RVFD Support Unit 703 - 2016 Ram 4500; 8-16-8184
  RVFD Support Unit 703 - Inventory; 8-16-8184
  Sandy Spring VFD Boat Support 740 - 2017 Ram 5500; 8-17-4156
 Small Tools & Equipment Links
  Universal Green Foam Concentrate - AR-F3
  Savaria Residential Elevator Tool
  Task Force Tips Metro 1 & 2 Manual
  Traverse 540 Rescue Belay
  Knopp Voltage Tester Specifications
  Knopp Voltage Tester Instructions
  Industrial Scientific Ventis Pro User Manual
  Sensit Technologies HXG-2D CGI Quickstart Instructions and User Manual
  Scott Protege ZM Carbon Monoxide Monitor User Guide
  GammaRAE II Radiation Detector and Dosimeter User Presentation
  SKED Instructions and User Manual
  Circuit Breaker Lock-out Reference Guide
  Battery Powered Hydraulic Tools - MCFRS Info Bulletin
  Battery Powered Hydraulic Tools - Genesis eFORCE 2.0 User Guide
  Battery Powered Hydraulic Tools - Genesis eFORCE 110V AC Adapter
  Battery Powered Hydraulic Tools - Genesis eFORCE EPACK battery pack
 FCGO Links
  FCGO 09-11 3rd Rail Volt Testers
  FCGO 10-15 All Wheel Drive
  FCGO 12-01 Winter Driving And Snow Chains
  FCGO 14-06 Rope Rescue Systems With Aerials
  Metro Quick Reference
 Apparatus Component Links
  Jacobs Engine Brake Manual
  Cummins Engines Aftertreatment - Driver Tips for Fire & Emergency Vehicles
  Alcoa Wheel Service Manual (USA)
  Alcoa Wheel Service Manual (Europe)
  Waterous Pump
  Hale Pumps
     Auto Fill
     CAFS Pro
     EZ Fill Foam Refill
     Foam Logix Manual
     Muscle Pump Operations and Maintenance
     TPM Manual
 Benchmarks Links
 Fleet Management Links