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Community Advisory Group - MCCFCAG/Clarksburg

The Montgomery County Correctional Facility Community Advisory Group (MCCFCAG) is a community/county work group composed of community members and county staffers who focus on matters impacting the new correctional facility, the surrounding community and the full range of programs and security operations conducted at MCCF.

The Advisory Committee meets on the 3rd Tuesday, bi-monthly, and meetings start at 7:00 am. and end at approximately 9:00 am. and are held at Montgomery County Correctional Facility at Administrative Conference Room.

Contact: Frederick Abello, Warden 
Address: 22880 Whelan Lane, Boyds, Maryland 20841 | Telephone: (240) 773-9700​ | Directions |  Bus Schedule
Please Note: There are no facilities for any child care at the MCCFCAG meetings and there is excellent parking in a well lighted parking lot immediately adjacent to the main public entrance of the facility.

The Advisory Group reorganized and renamed itself after meeting for over three years as a planning committee for the new jail facility. Once the facility opened (March 2003) the focus moved from planning, transition and getting ready to open to actual facility operations and ongoing community interface. Regular attendees now include neighborhood residents, other members of the up-county community, DOCR staff members, law enforcement (Sheriff and Montgomery County Police) and county residents with special interests in mental health, substance abuse, education, faith community programs, diversity issues, workforce development, public safety, library services, prisoner reentry and any other topics and issue areas that fall within the focus of a full service correctional program.

The minutes are posted on the county web site so citizens in the community can learn about the work of community corrections and so others may comment and participate in discussions of the work completed in this Division of the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation. Everyone is welcome to attend the MCCFCAG/Clarksburg Committee Meetings.

MCCFCAG Minutes of Monthly Meetings 
Citizens and Business Advisory Group (CBAG) MCCF/Clarksburg
February 2000 – August 2003

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The Citizen’s and Business Advisory group (CBAG) was the community/county work group that met regularly in full public session from early 2000 through the opening of the new facility and the first few months of operations (through August, 2003) . CBAG was a work group established after initial community meetings by Steve Howie, President of the Clarksburg Civic Association and Arthur Wallenstein, Director of the Montgomery County Department of Correction and Rehabilitation. The group was composed of community members from the larger upcounty area, citizens from other parts of the county interested in the transition process and county staff members representing adult corrections, law enforcement (Sheriff and Police), public works capital construction, and related county service areas.

The group met monthly at the Clarksburg Community Center on Route 355 across the road from Rocky Hill Middle School. Notes from the meetings were published on the county website and an issues matrix was maintained of any and all issues raised by the community and the county as part of the community/county planning process. Those minutes and issues are maintained so that a documentary record is preserved and available for all county residents and for any future discussions regarding the collaborative history of planning for construction and the opening of the facility and copies are available through the links below so readers can reference them.

Minutes of Monthly Meetings